The collective voice of Ontarios Growing biogas Industry

The collective voice of Ontarios Growing biogas Industry



The Agrienergy Producers Association of Ontario (APAO) is a member driven association promoting the development of biogas. APAO is heavily involved in guiding on-going regulatory developments in the renewable energy sector, notably environmental and electricity regulation. We provide a strong voice for the sector and defend its interests in our dealings with regulatory agencies. APAO works to develop biogas to its full potential by promoting biogas opportunities, helping to shape biogas policy, creating networks and offering guidance and assistance to members on a wide range of renewable energy issue. APAO also facilitates the exchange of information and valuable operational experience between members, organizes tours of existing installations and works to educate the public as to the benefits of biogas.

The majority of member projects so far have been in agricultural biogas, which fits seamlessly into many farming operations.  Biogas can be implemented in conjunction with dairy farms, chicken farms, hog operations and greenhouses. Biogas can also be applied in other commercial settings like food processing and municipal applications for waste water treatment. Biogas, resulting from the process of anaerobic digestion, is a renewable energy sources that can be used to create heat and power, used as a natural gas equivalent in the pipeline, or transportation grade fuel in vehicles.