The collective voice of Ontarios Growing biogas Industry

The collective voice of Ontarios Growing biogas Industry

Special Projects & Activities

A description of special projects, studies and initiatives undertaken by the APAO.

Agricultural Bioenergy Conference Report

APAO in concert with GTM and Queens University offer the following report which highlights the findings of the 2011 Growing the Margins/Biogas Conferences. The report aims to increase awareness and identify innovation opportunities that can help to continue the growth of bioenergy in the Ontario agricultural industry.

Agricultural Bioenergy Conference Report English (.pdf)

Agricultural Bioenergy Conference Report (.pdf)

Grid Connections Projects

“APAO, guided by a Technical Advisory Panel, is undertaking research and development to address challenges being faced to connect biogas projects to the electrical grid.”


GTM 2011 Preparations

APAO is working as a member of the Program Committee for the Growing the Margins Conference 2011 to ensure valuable content and information relating to biogas and biomethane.

Biogas Training

APAO is seeking opportunities to partner with other affiliations to plan, develop and deliver training and education materials for biogas owners/operators. Learning is best through the sharing of design, construction and operational experiences of members!

Connecting with MPP’s

APAO is actively connecting with MPP’s across Ontario to educate, promote and seek support for biogas developments. Help spread the word by forwarding the attached letter (.doc). to your local MPP!

OPA Consultations

APAO is involved in various stakeholder sessions with the Ontario Power Authority to ensure reasonable provisions for biogas are implemented within the FIT program.

Hydro One Consultations

APAO has been invited to participate in a Hydro One Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to assist in identifying and resolving barriers to the connection of distributed generation to the distribution system.

Waste to Energy (W2E) Strategic Network

APAO is a stakeholder in creating a W2E strategic network which has a goal to strengthen existing and explore new synergies within industry, learning institutions, government and policy makers, and waste stream generators, including agricultural, wood waste and municipal solid waste sectors and to develop new and improved waste to energy technologies and methodologies that build on the research and development initiatives in these sectors.

CSA Standards

APAO is contributing to the development of a CSA standard for biogas.

BC FIT Response

APAO submitted feedback to the province of British Columbia in their request for stakeholder input for the development of a Feed-in Tariff by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. A copy of the submission can be accessed here (PDF).