The collective voice of Ontarios Growing biogas Industry

The collective voice of Ontarios Growing biogas Industry

Strategic Plan

The Agrienergy Producers Association of Ontario (APAO) updated its strategic goals for 2011/2012 on March 25, 2011 in Mississauga, Ontario. This plan will guide APAOs activities and focus its resources to ensure sustained growth and value for the association. The APAO Board of Directors, staff and members are already hard at work setting pace for another successful year ahead! We look forward to building relationships, opening communication channels and working directly with you on behalf of our members. Below is a summary of our 2011/2012 Strategic Plan, you may download the full Strategic Plan here.

APAO Mission

“APAO is the collective voice of Ontarios growing biogas industry in the new sustainable energy economy.”

APAO Vision

“APAO will develop biogas to its full potential as a clean, green energy source for Ontario.”

APAO Strategic Goals

Membership and Fundraising

  1. APAO will be the collective voice for the Ontario biogas sector and continue to strategically sustain and grow our membership.
  2. APAO will identify and diversify our revenue and resource streams to meet our membership expectations.

Communication and Advocacy

  1. APAO will educate, communicate and collaborate with our stakeholder groups to shape a growing biogas industry and promote a clean and green sustainable energy supply for all Ontarians.
  2. In the months prior to the provincial election, APAO will implement a strategy to target government officials and share key messages related to biogas in order to influence regulatory developments and policy frameworks.

Sustainability and Innovation

  1. APAO will establish partnerships to examine the development of sustainable, viable applications for biogas.
  2. APAO will support innovative research opportunities to grow the biogas industry.